on commencements, commitment, and consonance

So, it's certainly been quite a while since I last attempted to maintain a regular record of my thoughts, otherwise known as blogging. To date, I think the number of failed attempts at blogging that mar my record reaches maybe up to four or five – and yet, I still strive. Repeated failure might be discouraging, but finally overcoming chronic writer's block certainly makes up for it. My solution? Partaking in the occasional exercise in stream of consciousness, whereby I swiftly jot down my thoughts with no filter, and hit PUBLISH before I regret and linger.

The worst part is: I'm not even joking. Without a doubt, I am plagued by a fear of commitment, specially to those things that are most mundane like putting to paper what I ponder; responding promptly to text/Facebook messages, and generally getting shit done when I know it needs to be done. Rather, I seem to (dys)function – quite well, I might add – in a state of complete complacence where everything is kept trapped within the confines of my mind – from dreaming states and lucid thoughts to concise answers to what is sought. Instead of actually committing to the action, I find solace in committing to the thought of committing to the action.

A for effort, right?

Anyhow, all this to say: I truly have missed blogging. I really do believe I am the type of person that – for some reason or another – likes to broadcast my thoughts on a public forum, with the singular consolation that said contemplations may effectively fall on deaf ears.

I blame it – and all my woes, really – on social media.

So, in an attempt to finally commit to the implications of such an epiphany, I have decided to invest in the action – and not just the idea – of owning a personal website. It's a WIP, but I just wanted to post this as the first step on my road to commitment. 

Wish me luck – I'll need it.

Yours truly,

Last night, my friend GAYANCE posted the track below on her Facebook, informing us that this duo would be performing during the upcoming Pop Montreal music festival. Trusting of her taste in music – I mean, she did get me hooked to OSHUN – I had a feeling BIZZARH wouldn't disappoint.

And they sure as hell don't.

BIZZARH is a black-girl duo hailing from Toronto – oh yeah, "The 6ix" is banned from this blog – and, solely from this track, it's pretty damn evident they're #blackgirlmagic-al. I sure would love to collaborate with them sometime in the future. I'm sure an interview would yield a pretty dope conversation, one ranging from goddess rap to writer's block, dreaming states to lucid thoughts– to quote the talented ladies.