Back in 2011, as my final project for the International Baccalaureate's Middle Years Programme, I created a 76-page fashion magazine – from start to finish, cover to cover. I specifically chose to complete this project so I could determine whether I truly wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry, thereby confirming – or disproving – what my sixteen year-old self then called my "passion for fashion."

During the eight months it took me to complete the magazine, I managed to reaffirm my love for writing; uncover a novel interest in graphic design and layout; test my skills at photography and styling; lament about my first failures in fashion blogging; and relish the moments spent coming up with atrocious puns for trend reports.

But, when it comes to my future in the fashion industry, that question remains unanswered...
(cue the intrigue)

N.B. As you peruse the contents of the magazine below, please do remember that I was but a precocious 16 year-old when this project was completed. As such, I had yet to fully understand the benefits of a thorough proof-read before going to print. To make matters worse, I was a verbose, lexiphanic logophile – otherwise known as a lover of big and pretentious words used in excessive amounts. I'd like to believe all that is now in the past.

I hope, anyway.