Before I started ALOOF FUTURE, my first incursion into the world of music curation occurred in the comfort of my bedroom – where I was able to teach myself the basics of VirtualDJ (and procrastinate during midterms). In the compilation and recording of each mix, I aspired – with varying levels of success – to emulate the slick transitions of some of my favourite artists/DJs, such as Kingdom, Nguzunguzu, Jacques Greene, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and other producers whose classic mixes have graced my iTunes.

Throughout its development, the ALOOF mixes series has also provided me with an opportunity to experiment with graphic design while pulling inspiration from different visual identities and sharpening my Photoshop skills – once again, with varying levels of success.

It has also meant I get to call myself a "DJ" – or so I still desperately wish.

The entire series is available for download here.